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Image: US East Coast at night.  Except for the New York metropolitan area at the far right, all the cities in this image are part of the PJM power grid. Credit: NASA.

The Mid-Atlantic power grid, operated by the PJM interconnection, is the world's largest deregulated electricity market. It functions according to a complex, ever-changing set of rules and procedures. Achieving Equilibrium helps its clients understand and influence those rules.


PJM Stakeholder Representation

Every year, PJM holds hundreds of meetings to manage and update their market. Following all the issues can be a daunting task for even the largest of companies. We make sure our clients stay informed on all developments relevant to their business.


Our stakeholder representation service includes concise, insightful weekly reports, individual analysis on how proposed market changes could affect client's commercial interests, advocacy in the stakeholder process, and voting client's proxies as requested. We follow issues at the FERC and before state Commissions, and can represent clients in docketed proceedings in many jurisdictions.*


We aim to let small companies meaningfully participate in the PJM stakeholder process at a fraction of the cost of an in-house regulatory affairs staff. For larger organizations, our goal is to save our clients 5 - 8 days each month of attending PJM meetings.



Markets are rarely perfect. New technologies or innovative business models often do not fit well within existing market structures. We help our clients develop reasonable, achievable market design improvements that fully value their business plans.  Once changes are identified, we manage the rule change process from introduction through advocacy  and consensus building to stakeholder votes and formal regulatory processes.*


AE's goal is a level playing field where the contribution of all participants is fairly valued and innovators do not face unjust barriers to entry.


Expert Testimony

We provide supporting analysis and expert testimony on cases related to demand response and capacity market design.


*AE is not a law firm.  In jurisdictions where legal representation is necessary, we work with local counsel on our client's behalf.

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