Achieving Equilibrium

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Image: US East Coast at night.  Except for the New York metropolitan area at the far right, all the cities in this image are part of the PJM power grid. Credit: NASA.

Demand Response

Achieving Equilibrium’s roots are in demand response (DR), and we have experience both in launching a successful DR startup and in managing DR programs for a large integrated power company. We are able to assist regulated utilities and independent retail providers in all aspects of DR program design and implementation. This includes cost effectiveness analysis, structuring offerings, business process design, statistical measurement and verification (M&V) for residential/small commercial programs, and M&V protocols for energy efficiency projects.



We offer real-time controls, metering, and telemetry that enable sites to participate in more demanding DR programs such as frequency regulation and flexible synchronized reserves.


Project Development

AE’s understanding of PJM’s markets helps project developers harvest all possible revenue streams. We provide economic and financial analysis, market advice, and can assist with all PJM-facing aspects of power projects, such as interconnection, telemetry, and bidding strategies. We believe that there are currently particularly attractive opportunities for behind-the-meter resources such as cogeneration and energy storage, and welcome conversations with developers of such projects.



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